Wood Fence
Wood Fence

The advantages of this fence
Looking through all possible fences, the grid is one of the most optimal options for installation on the site of the cottage. There are several reasons for this:

•    Ease of acquisition. Such building material as rabitsa can easily be got in any specialized store. This fence is not difficult to choose even without the help of a professional consultant;

•    Economy. This is one of the most economical ways to install a fence. If the budget option for setting a fence is most suitable for you, then the grid fence will be the best choice;

This is not a complete list for the use of this material. Therefore, not only manufacturing fences, the grid will be appropriate. Although in the modern repair business, it is most often used for the construction of fences, since such a fence will last you for as long as possible and will please with its qualitative characteristics of operation.

The zinced: In this case, there is no need to paint the fence, because moisture does not affect the metal in any way. It is also quite easy to install such a fence;

Plasticized: This variant of fence grids appeared relatively recently. A feature of the fence is the fact that its surface is covered with a plastic sheath, which reliably protects it from corrosion. In its properties, the fence is as solid as the galvanized model. However, it can be noted that it is more durable in use.

Dimensions of grid cells
When buying fence fences, it is worth considering not only the strength of their coverage, but also the dimensions of the cells. They also greatly affect the operation of your fence. The cell size can be from 25 to 70 mm. naturally, the larger the cell size, the more sun it can miss. But at the same time it is worth considering that the larger the cell size, the lower the strength of the fence.

Twisted Mesh
A competent ratio of the cell size for the netting net is a strong mesh fence, which will ensure optimal conditions for installation. If you want to install fences for cottages, it is better to choose a large-cell model, in the range from 40 to 60 mm and also in a cost of wood fence.

Fence Grid – How Useful Is This

Do you need to install a fence that would serve as a temporary fence? Then there is nothing better than a mesh fence, which is made of a material such as rabitsa, because it will make it possible to delineate the area in the most convenient way. Such fencing can be established due to the fact that you can not in any way resolve disputes regarding the division of the land plot with neighbors or because in the future you plan to install a stronger wood designs fence. Whatever it was, rabitsa is actively used by many modern summer residents and owners of private houses. Let us consider in more detail the question of its effectiveness.

Metal fencing: Types of fences
Modern fences that are executed in this manner can be divided into several categories. It:

Neozinced: This option is most attractive for many consumers. But it is worth considering that if you decide to install a fence of such material, it should be painted immediately, so that later it does not rust;

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